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Thread: Stuck in the game

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    Stuck in the game

    Hey, I'm a new-ish player, I played 3 years ago and then hit a wall in progression and stopped, and now that I'm back I feel like I'm stuck at that same wall. I'm a level 20 Fae Trickster (which used to be the max level, I'm not sure how the new system works) and my items are all 5 star shadow tier. When I pick up resplendant items, they are for some reason not stronger than my shadow stuff so I'm not sure what to take from that.

    Should I spend tens of thousands of flux to upgrade my shadow items to the next tier or should I just skip that route entirely and instead spend tens of thousands for somebody to sell me their max ranked stellar staff? how am I supposed to progress?

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    1 go to neon city u3 do dungeons and recipe dungeons which will drop neon city scrap
    2 sell them for around 1,2k flux on market (check there price of it 1st)
    3 join trade chat and buy stellars for money u get (try to buy clean ons which should be around 10k)
    3 to progress further u need gems and get 10k pr for understanding how that works go to youtube and just type trove gems
    4 idk how now but last time i checked its cheaper to buy stellars instead of upgrading shadows
    5 on gems u dont care about stats u care about highest pr ones so u can go to higher uber
    6 to get good gems and go to higher uber just use rally blade or ask someone on world chat in highest uber u can enter for help
    7 follow group or some fast killer and keep collecting gem boxes
    8 when u get 10k and u can go u9 u pretty much need to do exact same thing
    9 but now u want only stellar gems with around 500-550+ pr
    10 stats on gems u would like are CD CH and MD/PD depending on ur class
    11 gems with other stats can be re rolled but its expensive and u will feel another wall there
    12 on how to obtain big gems (empowered gems) check also youtube
    13 gear wont give u much it will be like 15% of ur tottal pr
    14 google trove gem key and learn how to get it and go to shores of everdark since there u most likely will get ur 1st stellar emp gem
    15 and rest is just grind

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    Resplendent the rarity below shadow, so all resplendent items will be weaker than shadow ones.

    Just clearing dungeons can give you some good flux early-game; you'll get flux treasures that loot collect into 100-500 flux each. Save up that flux and purchase some stellar gear in /join trade.

    In the meantime, try to obtain and upgrade some gems from dungeons and bosses in Uber difficulty worlds. You can upgrade and equip them in the second tab in the top right of the character sheet. Later on, gems are the main source of stats and power rank; early in the game they're a bit less important, but you should try to get some anyway.
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