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So with the recent downtime, we find out it is a flux glitch that needs to be fixed, okay cool, so on PC people take advantage of this and pretty much brake the game with it. While on console nothing even really happened, and yet seems like PC gets rewarded with the items they got free for the inconvenience of the downtime. I mean come on a dragon effigy, at least give that item to everyone.
Console was offline for two hours. PC was offline for 28 hours. That's the incredibly clear reason.
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Okay so I don't really understan this "be online before the downtime" thing, cause I tried to log in a whole day just like the others, and don't really understand why if i didn't log in on 7th or 8th of August i won't get the compensation. First of all some friends got the compensation when they even logged in later than me the 10th of August, which was yesterday. I went through the same waiting the other players did, why don't i get to have the same compensation just i didn' log in the day before the downtime? And more importantly, why are there people who DIDN'T join in the game before the downtime get the compensation? Please explain. I tried sending a ricket but it seems tickets cannot be sent
When the game was offline no one could get online. Unfortunately, we don't have a way of knowing who really wanted to login when no one could. So, we have to base the compensation off something we were able to know. What we can know is that players who were in game and active in the hours leading up to the extended downtime were the most heavily impacted by the issue so they receive compensation.
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Thanks for dragon and stuff but I still can't Understand what I should do with my megaflux tanks
If they were gained through the exploit they'll be removed by the support team during their efforts. If not, you just won't be able to do anything with them for a while. The support team is still going through and cleaning up the economy. Once they've done their best to minimize the damage we'll reverse the recent changes and everything will work as it always has.
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