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Thread: Please let us customize all quickchat slots

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    Please let us customize all quickchat slots

    We all know the struggle

    /fov 90
    /joinworld club1
    /joinworld club 2

    Aww shoot...now I would really like to have a joinworld for that adventure world. Maybe a quick chat to sell my stellars in trade...

    Many of us console players have no use for the 4 standard quick chat options (okay maybe the attack one) and I think it's long overdue we're able to costumize them as well.

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    I second this. I have been to make a post about this in the ask the devs weekly thread.

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    This would have been great in the quality of life thread before the update! Having all eight slots open would be awesome and really convenient.

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    Making it so that you dont crash everytime you change one would be a bonus and it not changing to what you write when you logged back on >.>

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