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    Well no rollback means In done. RIP 1900 Loyalty points. This is equal to the fruit of the poisonous tree. People traded and hid ill gotten gains also bought items and bought items for mastery with it.A rollback would be the only way to 100 % assure this was sorted properly. so tracking just flux wont fix this. "A hand full of people" is that 5 max people?

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    Quote Originally Posted by INN3R_C4L4M1TY View Post
    Will we eventually get answers in terms of how far the Customer Service team is going, specifically with regards to mastery gained by buying stuff during the chaos?
    This is the only question I have right now about this server issue.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MrFraiise View Post
    So wait, we don't know when the server are restarted ? Beacause I'am Belgian and I have been waiting since 11:00 so and it's 18:21 ...
    from twitter post the timestamp is still 3 or 5 hours.
    here the post:

    ^ posted on wednesday. this tweet got replaced with this:

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    Nice! Thanks ^^

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    So I ain't gonna read 100 posts since I've been asleep.
    Can anyone tell me Trions plans on fixing the marketplace since items have been sold and used?
    Do they plan on adding thousands of items back to accounts?

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    Will I get banned for buying a golden soul for 700 flux? that seems very cheap...

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    they have not released specific details of their plan beyond they are fixing it and exploiters will be banned.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tulia View Post
    Ban. If you did this intentionally with flux you knew was ill gotten, you're no different than any other cheater.
    I agree with this to an extent. I think they should temporarily suspend people that obviously abused it.. By abusing I mean that if you picked up a stack of megaflux, deconstructed them, and bought anything you could to get mastery. A suspension just long enough to clean up all of the accounts that did this.

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    1/2 PM pacific time tomorrow or today?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Morgana View Post
    Update 4 - 9AM PDT (4PM UTC) - Just another update to let everyone know that we appreciate their feedback on the concept of server rollbacks, but we will not be doing this for this issue.

    We will be permanently banning the very small number of players at the core of this exploit and the Customer Service team is currently going through to clean up the ill gotten gains. For 99.999% of Trove players the only direct impact you'll experience is how long we're offline.

    We hate being offline more than anything, but we will remain offline until we're confident that we've taken all available measures to clean up the damage done by this small group of people. - Fasti

    Update 3 - 7:30 AM PDT (2:30 PM UTC) - Hey all. The support team will continue to work on addressing this issue while we're offline and we'll have a more substantial update up ahead. For now please be patient with us. No one wants to bring the game online more than us but we need to get this issue resolved first. Thank you! - Fasti

    Update 2: Trove for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 are now back online. There will still be the regularly scheduled downtime later in the morning, which will deploy a separate fix.

    For our PC players, the game will not be up for some time: we anticipate tomorrow afternoon, Pacific time. The issue had enough impact on the economy that we want to correct it, and the clean up process for it is a manual one. The good news is that this process will prevent the need for any rollbacks. Instead, we have banned the perpetrators behind the manipulation of the economy through exploitation, and will be removing items from players who received them unwittingly.

    We will return with another update in the morning with a more solidified time for bringing the PC servers back online. Thank you, again, for your patience as we take the steps to preserve the integrity of Trove's economy, a time-consuming but worthy cause.

    PS: Yes, we will be working out how to compensate players for this extended and unexpected downtime. However, all focus is on getting the economy cleaned up, so the details will be worked out after it has been completed. Rest assured that Fasti will inform you of the specifics as as soon as he is able!


    Update 1: 11:30 PM PDT / 6:30 AM UTC - At this time, we are currently preparing a fix that will resolve the issue that caused us to bring the servers offline. For consoles, we anticipate for this fix to take about an hour from now. For PC, we do not yet have an ETA for when the servers will be back online. Thanks for your patience, and I'll be back to post when the consoles are back online.

    Hey folks,

    Due to an previously unknown issue, we are bringing the Trove servers offline across all platforms to investigate. As soon as we have an update for you, we'll be back with more info, but at this time, there is no ETA for when they'll be back online.


    Do i have to relevel my Neon ninja to lvl 22.Also what about the people who unboxed ganda lastnight and the one who got fortras.Will they get rolled back.We should get like 10 empowered gem boxes and 5000gem dust of each type or 150kflux.

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