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Thread: d/c - crash more after update

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    d/c - crash more after update

    Is it my luck or are we crashing more?

    every-time i go to geode I crash 1 time, I crash more loading in to ST as a sample of what I have seen while in game.
    secondly it is taking a few close applications to open trove after i have had another ap open.

    Just me? I dont see any post on the topic or are we all just use to the crashes and its part of trove..

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    I crash or freeze the same, which is all the time. The first time I go to geode it freezes every time and no matter how long I wait it just stays frozen but never crashes to generate a crash report.

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    Well, I crash even when Im just fishing... Any world change dc me at least 1 time. ST is impossible for me without DC at the loading screen. I cant even run a full floor. Its like a lucky draw: If Im "lucky" enough, game will let me go to boss room without DC. If Im "unlucky", Ill be dc'ed and I will have to re-run the whole floor, because boss die in 10s or less.

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