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The fact that you just threw out that you're disabled on a public forum in no relation to what’s being discussed right now tells more truth about your cries of attention than you realize. Maybe it’s a combination of that and also overly sensitive? You aren’t a Dev. The Devs aren’t obligated to answer all your wishes. Tons of players seem to be doing fine with the current state of the game. It’s not meant to be easy. It’s about the journey, not the destination man. Just have fun.
I am not going after attention. How many times do I have to say this? I am done replying to your posts about me. BTW when you said that I quit earlier, it was because of Chronozilla, and when I saw that they only meant to be constructive and meant good, I returned.

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Also just to add about a bit of info on this too.
With the way the lorekeeper fragments turned into boons,
(And how luxion is)
That means that the loot table can be changed on the fly and be able to implement anything and everything in it.
So while we get junk a good chunk of the time we know that they just want us to spend our dragon coins to make it to where we have to buy greater dragon caches, when something good does come around.
And we'll miss you in hoes.
This is one of the reasons on how I think the developers are greedy (although I did not list it above). I can see that you too have noticed that developers can easily change what items loot collect into what, and that they want us to buy the dragon caches. BTW their response to their fixing the lorekeeper egg was along the lines of "The players were using the boons in a way that we didn't want the too." That means that they did not want us getting bound brilliance in a quick and easy way. They wanted us to buy the tokens

And yes, Hoes was a good club. I was in it before the name change. Tell Joe that I think that Hoes is better than Demons of Valhalla