This my list of ones I missing I only just got back in the game and I was looking at what fish I have and theirs a lot I do not have as a trophy.
  1. Wide-Eyed Noobfish
  2. Radiant Dawnfish
  3. Radiant Moonfish
  4. Gloamfish
  5. Weird Fisheye
  6. Dry Bones
  7. Shadowspawned Trilobiter
  8. Infinium Orefish
  9. Pressurized Coalfish
  10. Ancient Lavarider
  11. Flameroasted Noobfish
  12. Charred Hub Hugger
  13. Soaring Flamefish
  14. Frigid Firefish
  15. Reef Liquoral
  16. Blue Cotton Candish
  17. Pink Cotton Candish
  18. Pressurized Gobfish
  19. Chocodile
  20. Frog Prince
  21. Phoenix Fish
  22. Gryphish
  23. Petrified Pufferfish
  24. Octo-BUS Drone
  25. Neon Knightfish

I update this as ones get tick off. ING: octarock /w or pm on here.