It won't let me posting the Known Issues thread, despite having a Mastery of 2 or higher in-game, so I am posting here.

The loot collector will now also include items in the currency inventory.
Items in the currency inventory should no longer deconstruct in to 100 glim.
Nothing from my Currency tab is showing in the loot collector, and now pinatas are no longer loot collectable (which were not in the currency inventory but deconstructed into 100 glim).

If changing the pinatas was intentional, then this is quite unfair since we were mislead by what was said be the coming change. I personally spent the entirety of the two week SunFest farming them, and now I can't even lot them. Someone else mentioned this in the Bugs forum and his thread was locked with no replies. All of the Celebratory Pinatas are now worthless after spending well over 100 hours farming them. And, no, the confetti balls and pinata coins you get for breaking them are not a consolation.