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    Quote Originally Posted by wong8888 View Post
    at map , other player name if you zoom in will blurred.
    In addition to this report, I'd like to add another thing that may be worth checking out. I was looking at the map when somebody died and noticed the icon for the person suddenly was gigantic compared to others. Here's a pic:

    I think this should be changed as well, since it takes a lot of space on the map.

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    Why is all my badges, Mounts, Styles, Allies etc. all gone? I don't know what happened ,_, i used to golden dragon effigy and i went to choose the dragon i got and there was none of my mounts, help please ...

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    Don't know if it's happening to anyone else, but after opening certain crafting stations / crafting items, my inventory continues to auto sort itself. Which is a bit annoying considering I liked my own little arrangement.
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