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    1. Please explain rarity of rare Geode companions. As someone who has personally opened several hundred eggs without seeing one it's becoming frustrating.

    1a. Why do bronze eggs take 10 hours?
    1b. Why can't lodestars be used on silver eggs?
    1c. Why does using a lodestar on bronze eggs still have the possibility to return a common companions.

    2. What's being done about the entering world/loading character login crash loop? I should not have to disable to crash handler via task manager to play.

    3. When will the devs realize that club quests need tweaked? As much time as I spend staring at the Trove loading screen I may as well have it as my desktop background these days. There has been several excellent ideas presented to the developers to let us actually play the game, which I'd like to remind you some of us pay for.

    4. Why do kill 10 cursed skull events spawn enemies in waves of 4?

    5. Are there any plans to implement meaninful content past "collect stuff / mining simulator 2018"?

    Thanks for your time.

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    Dev Questions

    1) In regards to boon boxes from the radiant day spring, could we have a method to farm them now that we no longer receive tokens?

    2) When using a chaos spark on a gem, can we have it cycle through stats the same way you change an aura?

    3) Are there any plans to update enemy AI or adding enemies with new functionality?

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    1. Will there be new ways of acquiring more ms in the next update? Gotta go Fast.

    2. When is Luxion finally coming? I'm assuming that he might come next week but I was just wondering if you guys could confirm when he will arrive.
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    Do you ever plan to make the hair styles that are seen in the class selection pictures available to use in the barbershop? Like Boomeranger (which looks to be a modified version of the Viking Bun hairstyle.)
    Better angle:

    Also, a character's default hair and eyes colors are unique in that they aren't available color options in the barbershop; so if you change them to a different color you won't be able to choose the default colors again. Will you ever make it so said colors will be available options in the barbershop? Thank you.

    Default colors:

    Closest similar colors available in the barbershop:

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    Can you please make Geode furniture cheaper to craft?

    Around what time will you reveal the changes that are being made to Tomb Raiser?

    Will the Geode tomes get buffed?

    Is there any progress on the club exp thing? Are you still trying to fix it?

    Also... I know you've heard it a million times before and everyone else here is talking about it, but can you reconsider your answer to the club quest thing or at least go with a different solution to it? There's enough demand there that it could likely improve how the playerbase sees you if you did.

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    Any plans to change the Hydrakken/Dreadnought badges?

    Doing Normal/Hard/Ultra mode individually is tedious.

    An easy fix would be to allow Ultra/Hard clears to add onto the previous badges.

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    I saw that in the last stream notes that you said that the Hyper Pinata EX will get a decon value (thank you shirokiri you are amazing) and i was wondering if we could get a date on when it will happen and what it will decon into?

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    Got something good finally (I am adding a TL;DR at the bottom)
    Developers, if you decide to read this (which ya'll are probably not), please stop adding things that are centered on Geode. Look at your community. Have ya'll noticed that people Geode? Nobody has asked for you guys to stop adding things to any expansion except for Geode. Most of us hate it.
    What I am trying to say is that nobody wants new Geode stuff. Heck, I don't even like Geode from the start.
    Please make new content for Trove. Even better, actually add some story into this game! The tutorial had some story, but after that there is no storyline whatsoever. If this is taken into consideration, I would like to see some more of Qubesely (who is by far my favorite Trove character).
    I would also like to see the market place revamped to where we can specifically say what we want (for example, selling 100 Formacite for 500 Shapestone).

    Too long; Didn't read: Can you guys stop focusing on Geode so much? Can you guys add some story to the game so that it isn't so grindy? Also can you revamp the market place so that we can choose what the price is (such as charging Eyes of Q'bthulu for 5 golden souls)?
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    1) Will you expand the in-game Badges? I'm talking about Dungeons Completed, Boxes Opened, Blocks Destroyed, Consecutive Days Logged In and Number of Friends.

    2) Any plans to add new in-game Badges that are based on Bomber Royale, Geode or Uber-10 / New Gems?


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    Will it be possible to add club build Bomber Royale maps to the rotation. Also can we have club portals for these arena's, just like we have with the pvp arena's.

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