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Thread: Bovine Buildmaster DOESNT WORK

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    Angry Bovine Buildmaster DOESNT WORK

    Ok, so basically i spent 1.9m flux on credit pouches - (Heres me dying inside)

    And heres the glitch!


    Those were gold blocks i placed down using the mount but as u can see they dont delete, now a few of them did delete but these 2 did not and i am extremely annoyed!

    2nd point! - So in the video scythe posted a month ago on the mount the buildmaster worked like a ganda but now it does not, since i couldnt really find any info on it and the mount only said it places a trail i thought that trail would work just like ganda and just like how to mount make a trail below and behind u in the video scythe made.

    Please fix the blocks not deleting and change the description to "places a trail BEHIND YOU" since there isnt showcases on it other than scythe's

    Im extremely mad as i spent 1.9 MILLION FLUX on this glitched mount!

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    I don't think the "glitch" is the mounts fault, more likely a club world or lag issue. Had things like this happen before when building in clubs, certain blocks keep coming back time and time again.

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    I had the same problem I wanted it to work like a ganda as well to help me with filling in spaces above my build, also spending alot on it... I feel your pain Dx

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