so here is my thoughts on how to improve the club quest and even some of the outpost quest.

so instead of having such a short simple quest like 5gem box or clear 3 neon dungeon. etc then having to teleport back and forth.
or having to do kill 300mob quest or fish 5specific fishes. either one of it is just going to be a chore bore in the long run.
simply people hate tedious process.

what i suggest is to have a chain quest from the npc.
like some said abit of tweak/improve from the current and hopefully improve the constant need to tp in and out of club.

what is chain quest? simply having a 'longer' questline from the npcs. like the event questline we offen have.
example: would be farming gem box npc. it would start out with get 5gem box and after clearing it . it would simply have a follow up quest lets say farm 10 more gem box so on and so forth. but at the same time balance it out with not too long / hard tedious quest. maybe make it 3parts long basically farming 5-10-15 or 5-10-25.devs go balance the numbers out.
this also could clear the random quest some npc have thus compiling all the quest together into a questline. like example : 100-200-300mobs kill. though nobody really like doing that quest. (also a reason why players says the devs never really play their game)

with this players dont need to go back so offen and the quest wont be so tedious either.

honestly we all know whats the problem with most of the issues in game.

editn the side note mob kill quest seriously 100mob for 10adventure pff thats like asking you to work for the day and get 1hour worth of pay and it gets worst with 200-300mob kill especially with certain biomes with the dungeons available. its also the reason why perviously we had the pirrot mob farm fixed.