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Thread: PC Rollback or no Rollback?

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    Exclamation PC Rollback or no Rollback?

    Hey Guys,

    i think everyone now heared of the misery happened to trove on PC.

    I was very active in Discord and now back on the server asking people about the current situation.

    The overall opinion is, that the Devs tried to resolve the problem, but failed. There are still tons of flux in the market, people buy mounts for 5mil, that are worth 50k. This game is unplayable right now. All the flux you had is completely worthless. I am sorry to tell, but it seems like the Devs couldnt remove all Flux that people had in their inventorys. People that profitet from the exploit are still playing and did not get ANY consequences. People like me, who were not online during that time, lost a fortune. I had much flux that I farmed for ages.. It is now worth nothing. The market is still completely ****ed up.

    We need a rollback. Srsly. There is NO OTHER WAY. A rollback to monday. We can NOT go on playing like this. If you leave it right there, there will be many people quitting trove again. Because all their flux and all their farming is worthless within minutes, A rollback is the only way to remove all harm that was done to the market. I know you tried hard to stabilize the market, but it was not succesfull.

    If there is no rollback immediatly the damage will even increase. More and more people opening TOW or buying expensive mounts in the store. Alle that flux will never be returned.

    I give you an example:
    I bought all the Luxion Mounts when luxion first came. Now i thought its time selling them. I always put a mount as the cheapest one and one as an expensive one. In case someone wants to flip this mount i can profit. Now, all my mounts are sold. I made much profit, but it isnt worth anything. All this flux came out of nowhere, so the market is still influenced. Not the hacker or exploiter now have the flux, but everyone, like me. So there is around 2 to 3x more flux available right now. THIS is what ****ed up the market, not the 25mil old boot trades. And THIS is what has NOT been fixed. to give you numbers, my mounts i had in market had a value of 3-5mil. The flux that was used to buy it was hacked. So 3-5mil are just more in the game, only what affects my personal account. Now count 1 and 1 together.. I only had uxion mounts in shop. A person that had ganda in market. Bought for 15mil, flux for it was hacked. 15mil flux out of nowhere and more in the game. You see? None of these transactions was removed, so the damage has been reduced, but its still makes the game unplayable.

    To sum things up, there really is no other way to do a rollback. Normally you listen to the community. And this is now really what the community wants and what the game NEEDS. People were telling me, they would love to have a rollback of a week or even a month, because it is still better than the situation right now. THIS GAME IS UNPLAYABLE.

    So please listen to your community and do a rollback as fast as you can. There is no single reason for not doing it.

    I wrote this, because this is my personal opinion and the opinion of nearly all people i saw ingame and on discord. If there are any other opinions please let me know.

    Thanks for reading,

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    I am agree

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    I for one don't really care how much progress I would loose if there was a rollback, the game is unplayable in its current state +1 for rollback

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    Rollback for 2-5 days or even a month will do less damage to game economics than current situation do. WE NEED ROLLBACK.
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    I am agree

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    rollbacks will not be nescessary any more what morgana said in a recent update on the big event thread
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    I agree with you, a rollback would be preferred, but not a week or a month, this doesn't make sense and I have not seen anyone asking for it, but a rollback to Tuesday/Monday is the most reasonable.

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    I do not even believe that they can roll back my account. Because of these events, I lost honestly earned tens of millions - because the developers for some strange reason did not return my goods to me, which were sold at normal prices. Now I have to start again from scratch all this farming.
    I can not go to steam, so as not to lose the purchased pack.

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    Hello Everyone!

    Please keep an eye on this thread:!

    For future updates and discussions about the recent issues. Due to this we recommend keeping these discussions in one place to better track the community feeling on these issues.

    Thank you! We will be closing this thread.

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