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Thread: Geode Jetboots for shadow hunter

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    lol no u

    Thumbs up Geode Jetboots for shadow hunter

    I think it's a bug for the Shadow hunter in the geode with the jetboots, but when i fly with him his back "wings" fly up a lot and i just can't look at it. When i look at it i think of a horse doing its tail up. For the falling okay the wings are okay but in the jetboots nope!

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    This can be considered a cosmetic bug. I can see the equivalent of this with the Rose Huntress costume. If the Shadow Hunter is currently ascending, the Shadow Hunter should technically not be in the "falling" animation, but for some reason where the SH is, the exhaust comes from the feet.

    It's a minor issue, though it would require a significant change that might break his animations in Trove as well.

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