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Thread: Trove Livestream Notes 03/08/2018

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tulia View Post
    Thank Shiroki.

    Opened another 42 bronze eggs this morning without a rare (no rare to date). The sense of pride an accomplismnet when I finally get one will be immense, exactly as intended.
    The pride of getting something unnecessarily difficult that you probably won't even use. What about when you want to get them all? By the time you get 7 for example, you only have 12.5% chance of that rare not being a duplicate. On average you would need to get about 8 rares to unlock that last companion and that will vary massively due to rng, some people will be dead lucky, some people will hate their life over it. These companions have a lot of geode mastery white also give you reliqs. Except by the time you get those later levels you won't need metamatter coz you've already maxed your tools out.

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    Thank you Shirokiri! I really appreciate these posts that you make for us!
    .-._. hortensis & montana ._.-.

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    Pretty sure at this point they want club visits every minute or two instead of 10-30 min if did do slight quest stacking like event quest do. Not sure if more people teleporting all at once is less or more on servers given way Monday shadow towers where mass teleportation has led to minutes of waiting. Also sucks keep seeing more giving up on getting quest at all
    ( 'v') <(if under 20 mastery and want class coin) 20/30 ( 'v')<(forum image upload help) ( 'v')<(returning player info) ( 'v')<(if game bug report it and if brakes bad submit ticket) ( 'v')<( trove giveaways occasionally happen here but more frequent in Trovsaurus)

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