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Thread: An idea that's been haunting my mind

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    An idea that's been haunting my mind

    Hey guys! I've had an idea for a new update for a while now, and even though it has a 0% chance of getting added into the game, I want to share my ideas.

    So this update will bring more life into the relms of Trove, and make the game all around better. It consists of biome upgrades, mobs, map changes, villages, and some hub upgrades, and more. Enjoy!

    ~Treasure isles~
    1. Enemy ships that sail around the biome that you can fight
    2. A new sub-biome called "the wild seas" with tsunami's, heavy waves, and thunderstorms
    3. Underwater dungeons
    4. Make fishing into a profession- we could craft our own nautical assembler and upgrade our fishing level by catching fish, crafting fishing rods, boats, or lure
    5. Different kinds of lure- new kinds of lure that attract rarer fish
    6. An under water coral reef sub-biome- it could have coral, seaweed, and more marine life
    7. Upgradable boats (more about this topic under "New items")

    1. A sub-biome (name work in progress) that has glaciers, and frozen water

    This world is apparently where the shadows live, but there isnt really much going on there.
    1. Different kinds of shadow enemies
    2. More things to do eg. Dungeons, quests etc.
    3. Maybe a new type of gem color

    ~Shadow tower~ technically it's not a biome but whatever
    1. An uber 10 final boss... maybe Qbthulhu

    ~Sky Realm~
    Sky realm is the sun goddesses realm, but sadly, it's the same as everdark, theres not really anything to do

    1. More enemies
    2. Different kinds of dungeons
    3. Lore-based events

    1. Passive mobs (similar to the tutorial)
    2. In-game mounts as mobs
    I know this sounds weird, but I think it would be cool. Some mounts say that they are native to specific biomes (like the magic meownt says it lives in fae forest) but they are nowhere to be found.

    I think little villages/towns spread across biomes would be a nice touch to the game.
    Villages could have all kinds of npc's, mobs, and houses. Some NPCs could be merchants, and some could give quests.

    - Quest rewards could be biome specific items eg. A permafrost village could give glacial shards

    Village ideas:
    Permafrost- igloos
    Fae forest- a village in trees
    Desert Frontier- A mineshaft, or wild west themed place, like a saloon

    1. The ability to put markers
    That's all lol

    Hub- I feel that the hub is underwhelming, and doesn't really have anything that clubs dont have (besides the atlas, but most clubs have all the portals anyway), and the devs said they added the atlas exclusively to the hub so it can be unique, so here are my ideas

    1. Different kinds of NPCs, similar to the geode hub
    2. More merchants like Saltwater Sam (maybe a collector that trades rare items for the antique coins from luminopolis???)
    3. Increase the size- maybe make it a little bigger to fit more builds like the sun goddess statue, or maybe even a town
    4. RNG fountain- this idea just crossed my mind... but maybe there could be a GIANT fountain in the middle of hub where you could throw flux (or glim...or radiant sovereigns) into to increase your luck.
    5. More cornerstone plots
    6. Sanctum of the gods- a very large structure in hub with statues of various Trove deities.

    New items (names WIP)
    1. Fishing net- used to catch large amounts of fish at a time
    2. Spiked Boots- prevents sliding on ice
    3. Heat resistant suit- negates lava, and acid damage
    4. Thrusters (boat mod)-increases movement speed of boats. I'm not really an expert on boats so maybe they can add more items that buff other aspects of the boat.
    5. Saddle (mount customization)- craftable item that fits on any mount. It can have all kinds of different designs and be in different colors.
    6. Hat (mount customization)- a craftable hat that can fit any mount. Comes in different colors and designs
    7. Shades (mount customization)- craftable glasses to put on your mount. There will be different colors and styles of glasses.
    8. Bomber royale fixture- comes with BR portal and adds an npc with different BR quests. Also buffs exp gained from BR and increases tokens gained.
    8. Shadow Beacon- similar to the rampage beacons, but spawns a shadow tower boss in your club world. The thrower gets extra titan souls, lunar souls, and DESPOILED DIVINITY.
    9. Club communicator- and item bought for clubits, allows for club members to talk to the rally of heroes npcs. (Basically you can take quests while you arent in the club)
    10. Cave milk fishing rod- CAVE MILK FISHING?!?!?!

    Believe it or not, Trove has a lot of lore. Within the mount, costume, and weapon descriptions, bits and pieces of trove lore can be found.

    Maybe there could be more events similar to the geode Golden thread, that teaches you more about the history of the in game story. They could talk about major events in trove history like the sundering, or the arcanium revolution.

    And lastly....

    1. Upgradable abilities

    Example: Boomeranger can upgrade his boomerang so it stuns for longer, and it reduces even more cooldown time

    2. Multiple class gems for classes

    Example: Shadow hunter could have two class gems, the dps machine gun it has now, or a sniper class gem. For players that like to snipe, the class gem could greatly increase the damage of charge shots and reduce the ult cooldown, and it could also point out the weakspots on shadowmarked mobs, so you can deal even more damage.

    Thanks to everyone who took the time out of their day to read this! It took me about 2 hours to write (lol). I hope you enjoyed and liked my ideas!

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    Great ideas, especially the fishing stuff! Sadly its near impossible to implement such a huge amount of things, but still really cool!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lenzsio View Post
    Great ideas, especially the fishing stuff! Sadly its near impossible to implement such a huge amount of things, but still really cool!
    Thank you! The fishing stuff was also my favorite, lol! And yeah that would be a lot of content for one update, which kinda sucks.... but its still really cool to share my ideas with the community!

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    Some really fun ideas. I like the biomes and enemy ships especially. U10 ST sounds fun.

    I can't say I would like more fishing. I don't enjoy fishing. The only way I could enjoy more fishing is unless they set up an AFK fishing option where you could just click a button and let the game fish for you like it is in some other games.

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    Nice! I'm a fan of the ocean biome upgrades. It would make the game similar to Assassin's Creed 4: Black flag. You're on to something with the lore. Right now, there is no motivation to play Trove. Heavy grinding is not a good motivation for playing the game. However, if we could follow a story line about the old Trove lore, doing quests would be much more enjoyable.

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    Fine Ideas!

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