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Thread: Bomber Royale Gameplay Inconsistencies and Graphical Oddities

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    Bomber Royale Gameplay Inconsistencies and Graphical Oddities

    First, I would like to address the graphical weirdness associated with the map dissolving. About 30% of the time it is legitimate, 5% of the time I'm standing on invisible blocks and 65% of the time there is only a hologram of non-existent blocks. Sometimes these hologram blocks consist of a significant portion of the map and not just a few blocks here and there. Anyone who has played even once knows what I'm talking about. This needs to be fixed, perhaps by making the dissolve go slower so the processing power of the system can keep up with it.

    Also, the grappling hook only works 90% of the time. The other 10% of the time you will go to the location you latched onto and then instantly appear several blocks below it, similar to rubberbanding but with a vertical component messed up.

    Lava source blocks need to go away like water source blocks when the world dissolves.

    All bomb shocks and damage need to be blocked by solid blocks as well. If a bomb goes off on one side of a solid barrier, be it a wall or rock or whatever, it shouldn't produce damage or throw you off the map unless that barrier between you and the bomb is destroyed during the explosion. I have been blown off the map scores of times by explosions that occur on one side of a solid barrier that is several blocks high while I'm standing on the other side and the barrier remains fully intact after the explosion as I'm falling to my death.

    Now for the inconsistencies:

    Rubber bombs. Sometimes they bounce before exploding on the second hit and sometimes they explode on the first contact with a surface. Sometimes they do no damage when someone is directly hit and other times a single one can reduce your health the entire 35000 when 5-7 blocks away.

    Sticky bombs. Sometimes they fling you a couple blocks if you are sitting within a couple blocks of them. Other times they fling you 30 or 40 blocks, way off the map, even if you are 7-10 blocks away at the time they explode. Sometimes they do no damage when someone is directly hit and other times a single one can reduce your health the entire 35000 when 5-7 blocks away.

    I think there needs to be a fixed mathematical correlation with these explosions based on the distance the character is from the bomb explosion point, say 20% of maximum bomb damage per block distance with a range of 5 blocks. Or maybe 15% of the maximum bomb damage per block with a range of 7 blocks. Max damage should probably only be 10,000 for a sticky bomb and 5,000 for a rubber bomb. This whole inconsistency of no damage with a direct hit or instant kill from full health several blocks away is really frustrating and really takes away from the fun of the game. The physics rules of the game shouldn't be fluctuating.

    Bomber Royale is now my favorite part of the game, when it works right, but these quirks mentioned above are killing it sometimes to the point where it goes from a lot of fun to completely annoying and irritating. I don't know what is causing these things but sometimes I can go up to 10 rounds without large inconsistencies or any glitches and other times every single round is littered with inconsistencies and glitches.

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    In addition to this, huge performance problems, even on PS4 Pro

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