Okay, so I'm aware of the apparent "fix" for random crashes that got applied to the game Tuesday and the Wednesday fix, and since then, I've had nothing but random crashes. Now, Sunday night, taking me 20 minutes to login, only to crash and disconnect from the server when I login.

Before the patch, and AFTER the Geode update, the only "random crashes" I had are surely linked to the mods. I play through Steam and my mods are through the workshop, and whenever Steam closes while I'm playing Trove, it crashes the game. Very nice.
I say "only" I had a few crashes due to the egg incubator the other day, can't remember if it was before or after the fix.

Now, after a patch to fix what wasn't a problem for me, it's now a problem. A big problem. An unplayable problem. Random crashes all over the shop, random disconnects from the server, and more importantly, 20 minutes to login? Nevermind the stuck loading at the world screen "feature" is back.

If it's not broke don't fix it they say.
Well if it's not broke, break it, Trove say?

I've been wasting my time and sending back the error reports, time will tell if it's worth it. The whole "we can't recreate the conditions" excuse is boring and quite frankly, if the devs played the game in the same capacity as us, they'd see the problems we do.

Were these crashes manually introduced into the game from the "fixes" earlier in the week so when the improvements update comes out, you can add crash fixes onto the update, making it seem like this was a big quality of life change? A string to the bow? Being able to play the game is an actual prerequisite, and one that is now diminishing, development sabotage or not.