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Thread: Suggestions to improve the experience of obtaining geode companions

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    Suggestions to improve the experience of obtaining geode companions

    Obtaining geode companions is easily the most annoying part of geode. There's too many factors that make collecting them all incredibly difficult, blocking both trove and geode mastery. Getting the rare drop is extremely rare in itself and then there's the RNG on top of it. Getting all 8 rare drops simply isn't reasonable in it's current state. I'm in the end of game of geode right now. My ONLY rare companion is from the gold egg that came with the geodian super pack. I'm dreading the idea of getting through the last of the content introduced in this expansion. As of now the final stretch of geode consists of putting a lodestar on every bronze egg, waiting 10 hours to hatch 3, hoping for a rare, and then hoping you don't have it when it is a rare.

    What we currently have to work with:

    There are features implemented already to help with collecting companions but it's simply not enough and most of them don't put a dent in the issue.

    - Lodestars on bronze eggs: From what testing has been done by players so far, it would appear this has a nearly non existent (or entirely non-existent) effect on rare drops while it does significantly boost the rate of uncommon drops.

    - Silver and Gold eggs in caves: If someone is to find one it's from pure luck while casually farming. Finding them intentionally is not a viable option as even if we were to spend countless hours and manage to find a gold egg we still have to go through the RNG of the rare companion itself.

    - Mastery rewards and packs: The geodian super pack is very nice being that it includes more credits than the standard 50$ credit pack as well as the gold egg but we can only buy that once. The geodian weekly deal comes with a silver egg. Silver eggs are also given throughout the geode mastery rewards. Silver eggs presumably drop a rare at a rate of 1/10 which still isn't great. To buy silver eggs in packs in hopes of a new rare is not viable. Buying greater crystal caches in hopes to loot a silver or gold egg is not viable either given the massive rare pool of the caches. The companion packs only give uncommon allies and bronze eggs which obviously hold very little value. The silver eggs from mastery don't guarantee any rares as with all silver eggs and are extremely limited so they don't do much to help. In conclusion the only pack on the store that we can viably use to get rare companions is the one off geodian super pack.


    I'm well aware that rare companions should not be made ridiculously easy to collect. I do strongly believe it should be made reasonably easier, however. Here's my suggestions.

    - Bronze egg karma bar: If we manage to go 35 or even 70 eggs with no rare by chance, there should be one rare guaranteed.

    - Upgrade the companion packs: The companion packs are undesirable. Each comes with an uncommon companion, 5 bronze eggs, 2 lodestars and 10 accelerite. That's basically worth nothing. I wouldn't buy them if they were $5. If the companion included was the rare variant, I would easily spend the $20 for my last or maybe even two last missing companions. It would provide a good alternative if we get desperate to have a $20 pack for each rare companion.

    - Increase lodestar power on bronze eggs: I suggest a drop rate of 60% common, 35% uncommon, and 5% rare.

    - Increase spawn rate of silver and gold eggs in caves: I suggest a spawn rate of 1/300 for silver eggs in T3, 1/200 for silver eggs in T4, and 1/100 for silver eggs along with a 1/300 spawn rate for golden eggs in T5.

    - Companion merchant: Give us an option to buy any companion straight up for a large amount of crystals. I suggest prices of 1,000 crystals for common, 10,000 crystals for uncommon and 100,000 crystals for rare. Having an option to substitute a large amount of effort in place of RNG is always good.

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    Honestly I disagree. I think you're trying to justify the current system but make it a little less worse. I see no reason for the timegates apart from artificial restrictions. The only reason anyone would want them is obligation, especially when the barrier nerf comes. It's a shame that there's more mechanics that 'force' players to play instead of allowing players to want to play.

    It's also a shame that they probably think they did a decent job because numbers are up for the past month, but in reality they're up a lot less than the same time the past 2 years.

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    This is how you can expect to spend your time once all you need is rare companions. This is the past week of me openeing eggs, I'm sure there are tons of people opening more. The fact that lodestars don't do crap (you can still get common companion wth?!) is really a kick in the balls from the dev team.

    Bronze Eggs:

    Open 22 - 2 Uncommon
    Open 06 - 1 Uncommon
    Open 03 - 0 Uncommon
    Open 03 - 0 Uncommon
    Open 03 - 0 Uncommon
    Open 03 - 1 Uncommon
    Open 03 - 0 Uncommon
    Open 23 - 3 Uncommon
    Open 10 - 0 Uncommon
    Open 03 - 0 Uncommon
    Open 03 - 3 Uncommon
    Open 18 - 2 Uncommon
    Open 21 - 3 Uncommon

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    180 eggs hatched and not a single rare. That's enough Geode for me.

    It's clear that the developers don't play their own game or they would never allow RNG to get out of control like this.
    People who got lucky are maxed out and people like me would have to farm for months, just to get on an even playing field.
    How is that fair?

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    I'm at like 1.2 or 1.3k eggs opened in total. 8/8 common, 8/8 uncommon, 6/8 rares.

    When I hit the 6/8 in rares, I opened after that around 300-400 eggs. All rares that I got from this number of eggs were dupes.
    It's all RNG ofc. My RNG with bronze eggs is pretty good I'd say. Yesterday I opened 66 eggs and got 3 rares (dupes), and 7 uncommon.

    In the topic of Silver / Gold Egg rarity, I'm at 1 gold egg in 540 bronze eggs from Tier-5.

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    After so many time after the geode update i still only have 1 rare companion.

    Opening 6 bronze eggs everyday and some silver eggs i got from the event, no rares at all since the first one i got on the first week of the update.

    That way, its going to take me years to get all rares, since there can be duplicates too.

    Just insanely bad.
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    I'm at a point where I dont understand why bronze companion eggs are 10 hours while silver and gold are 2 hours. You'd think the rares would have a longer hatching time considering we're farming hundreds of bronze eggs at a time. I've gotten 1 gold egg from a ticket chest and just bronze otherwise. 2 rares from bronze eggs, a handful of uncommons. After doing the math regarding bond crytalizers and recycling minions however, I love the duplicates.

    That said, I feel bad for the guys who paid money for silver or gold eggs and got a common companion.

    At this point I have no idea why I'd open more hatching slots.
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    After opening 370 bronz eggs i got my first rare today. There is too much rng and i really dont enjoy running to t5 and just snatch eggs from lairs. Its not fun gaming and there is no other way to get rare companions because Silver/Gold eggs dont exist. And i dont understand why we need to wait 10 hours to hatch egg.

    My suggestions is add some companion effigy to store so we can all complete our collection or Surge had some good idea with Companion merchant. And please change time to hatch egg 10 hours is 10 hours!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kubrt23 View Post
    And i dont understand why we need to wait 10 hours to hatch egg.
    And please change time to hatch egg 10 hours is 10 hours!
    Agreed, this is not a mobile game stop adding hours wait time >.> 10 hours for 1-3 eggs that will 99% give you a companion you already got.

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