When I first started playing trove the game was awesome and it was a very fun experience. We could trade everything drop items for friends and not being restricted by a trading post, simpler times.

As times passed my friends grew bored of so we all left.

We got back after the gems update where the shadow towers now were a small bench and you had up to uber 9. That was awesome we were back in track and everything was going smoothly. Again they got bored but this time I didn't leave for long, I got back a few months after DD and Hydra were added to the game.

Now I'm close to an end-game player, orange name, 26k pr and all that stuff.

What is driving me away from it now is the amount of time gating and the way the staff deals with player complaints. There's even a 'forum guideline' that states:

Look at your post history. If the majority of your posts are troll posts against other players or telling other players that the Trove team doesn't care/doesn't listen, that's not productive. Don't reply to posts to say no one will reply. If you aren't looking to help the player with a question please do not respond.
If everything is fine, why is there a need for this to exist? Maybe people posting that the issues are not being addressed is not the problem but that's not the point.

The issue that finally made me decide that this game is not for me, other than a way to chat with my in game friends, was having 99% of my messages and reading lots of players messages and seeing them being ignored, seeing how people asking for a fix for the adventurine system are ignored, seeing how fast things that benefit players are patched and how game breaking bugs like spawning underground in club worlds is left untouched.

Thank you Trion Worlds for the good times I had playing trove, but supporting the direction it took is not in my plans.

Thank you for every other player that made the experience even better.