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    Quote Originally Posted by INN3R_C4L4M1TY View Post
    Green name = dev, so that particular color isn't an option.
    Oh, ok, I've never seen one in-game, so I had no idea. There are still plenty of other shades though!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ODemiurgeO View Post
    How I expected this to worked would have looked like this:

    Top 2000 Trove Mastery Rank = Yellow name
    Top 2000 Geode Mastery Rank = Blue name (though I expected it to be a bit darker and distinct)
    Top 2000 in Trove Mastery Rank AND Top 2000 in Geode Mastery Rank = Orange name

    That would have put more weight on the orange name, as it would have required someone to be in the Top 2000 of both lists. Perhaps add a new color for those people who qualify for multiple colors? Yellow + Blue = Green

    This is also how I thought it was meant to be, too. This is why I did ask that question for clearification if it was a bug or intended. But it seems that Trion did not intent to specially seperate it like this. With the current system Geode is but a Shadow in Trove instead of an independent new game mode.

    When time passes and more mastery gets added to Geode... well it would need a ton of mastery there to give a balance between both systems, since right now it is almost impossible to have a yellow name and you need to be barely in top 2000 Trove mastery and just out of top 2000 total.

    Long story short: this is how Trion wants it. And if people ask, I can answer with certainity.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fasti View Post
    After we buffed the daily bonuses it made less sense to have them all running at the same time since that is some intensely powerful stuff. If it does return it will be for very specific events. The PC anniversary isn't really our biggest event. I haven't heard any talk of bringing it back yet, but I suspect if we did it would be around the holidays (this is in no way a promise).
    Make it happen can you imagine how many people would play that week and buy patron to make the most of it? I know I’d get really excited for this and play nothing but Trove that week

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