Almakhestia, Host of Starfire does give different stats to what the tooltip would assume it gives.
  • Time: 26th July, 2018, PTS
  • Context: Geode Sanctuary, I recived a Golden Starfire Egg on PTS and checked if his stats change as indicated.
  • Expected: I expected that after using the Golden Starfire dragon Egg, I would get an additional +1000 Max Health, +250 Physical Damage, +50 Magic Find and +3 Base Energy Regeneration.
  • Observed: After unlocking I go the expected additional +1000 Max Health, +250 Physical Damage, +50 Magic Find, but I got +3% Bonus Energy Regeneration.
  • Repro Steps: Have an account that does not has obtained Almakhestia and use a Golden dragon egg that unlocks this very dragon. While doing so, watch the Base ER and Bonus ER before and after consuming the golden egg.
  • Screenshots: Both screenshots were made after the Golden Egg was consumed already. They show Almakhestia's description when you move your mouse over it, which indicate a flat +3 Energy Regeneration
  • and on the secound screenshot you can see how Energy Regeneration is beeing split in total, base and Bonus Energy Regeneration, just like Max Health is beeing split in those three terms.

  • Additional note/ Suggestion: Bonus Energy Regeneration is far more valuable than a flat increase in Energy Regeneration. A dragon that gives Bonus ER% should have this reflected in its tooltip, so people know what they will get by unlocking it. ER and Bonus ER% should be seperated just like Max Health and Max Health% is beeing seperated.