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Thread: Mods on pts do not work

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    Unhappy Mods on pts do not work

    Hello, simple, I just do not have mods in the pts, a few days ago I bought 10k of Tow's and when I wanted to open them, I realized that I did not have the enchanted UI mod, luckily there was the "open until rare", at that moment I realized that I did not have the "Thesymbolschatmod" mod either, so I went to my list of mods, and I just did not have anything, the list was empty, at first I did not care so much, if it was annoying, but I almost did not enter the pts , but today I wanted to see how much coeff my VG would have with some better gems that I have saved, when I entered, obviously I could not see the coeff since I did not have the mods (I speak Spanish I hope I could have explained it well)
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    There is a separate mod folder for the PTS. You have to manually place your mods in that folder if you want pts mods.
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    LippyLapras or someone else know the name of the folder, i search for "trove" and "pts" but i cant find it

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    Normally, you place your mods in Glyph/Games/Trove/Live/mods. For PTS, place them in Glyph/Games/Trove/PTS/mods.
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