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    Recent Downtimes - July 25, 2018

    Hey there, Trovians!

    On Tuesday this week we did a standard bit of maintenance and to roll out necessary updates to our back end systems and server hardware. Unfortunately, the latest version of the operating system contained a network driver with a couple bugs.

    Reverting to the previous version of the OS took more time than expected and we ended up having to come offline a couple more times following the original maintenance to get things straightened out.

    While we'll continue to perform regular maintenance and will always roll out the latest OS updates to make sure we have the latest security measures in place, we also recognize that the last couple days weren't a great gaming experience.

    So, as a thank you for your patience as we worked to straighten out these unexpected issues, we'll be granting some goodies for those of you impacted.

    If you tried to play the game between 12:01AM PDT on July 23 through 11:59PM today (July 25) will receive:
    • 3 Bronze Companion Eggs
    • 2 Lustrous Gem Boxes
    These items will start going on out July 26 but may take a couple days to hit everyone, so please bear with us.

    Thanks again for your continued support and for being generally awesome. We appreciate all of you.

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    Thanks for the good work.

    But, what about 1 silver egg instead of 3 bronze eggs? We get tons of this eggs and its worth nothing, 90% of the time is 10 hous for a common companion worth 200 crystals.

    Just a suggestion.
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    it is true that a silver egg would not have been too much . too many problem and offline ...
    with patch and downtime i have lose 2 new egg , impossible add 2 new for the night
    75% of people have half of silver compagnion and have lose time in cave for upgrade or for playing in cave for ressource
    with patch and downtime 5 hour not in game , and very sad behind computer

    2 lustrous for dust ? please stop dust in this box , too many farm for dust
    patron pass 6 box drop its slow

    now the game its good for 4 days .... maybe

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    If you want to give compensation better give 50 dragon coins its far more useful than those items you can farm in 10min i have like 40 comp. eggs didnt even grind them...

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    Will patrons receive increased compensation or does everyone get the f2p comp now?

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    I agree that what people lost with the downtime is not so much the possibility to farm enough bronze eggs, but the possibility to refill the egg incubator.
    Assuming that a good number of people have 2 slots unlocked (or did you even assume 3 given the eggs as compensation?), and it takes 5 accelerite to skip the wait, 10 accelerite as compensation would've made more sense to me...but I'm not complaining, I managed to work around the downtimes luckily.

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    You guys could of given us 3 Geode Space Expander or 3 silvers or gold companion eggs. You know... the items that have ACTUAL value to them! Not 3 bronze eggs that i can easily find 3-10 of them in roughly 10-20 mins in t5 and lustrous gembox... having a chance to give gemdust.... and yet openning 80 Shadow air/water/fire gembox give 5000 gemdust WITHOUT patron.

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    Thank you for the boxes and eggs. Wasn't expecting anything real nice surprise for me to log into.Again THANKS!
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