I've been playing trove for almost two years and I know the game is far from perfect, a crash here or there is not uncommon in this game (1-4 times a day usually) but it never impedes progress much, a little reset and its back to working order. However, I've done nothing but constantly crash since yesterday: I get into trove and open up welcome, I crash, I hit karma on a choas chest, I crash, I open up my cornerstone, I crash, I go to a club, I crash, I go into bomber royal and win (or lose), I crash, I mean I can't even go into Geode and open anything up without crashing. I know the devs are working on these things, however i don't understand how they put the servers down to implement change and all they end up doing is making the game practically unplayable. I really enjoy this game and as, I said, have been playing it for a decent amount of time, I hate to see the "one step forward, two steps back" title the game is gaining for itself. So please look into these issues and fix them as soon as possible!