im not sure if u guys even aware of this but since the Heroes update invites on the Ps4 are broken, u guys improved it with the May update but invites still fail like 90% of the time.

The big issue is that almost everytime the PSN menu to invite a player DOES NOT open, so basically the invite work ingame but doesnt work with the usual Ps4 invite system.

thats why its impossible to join people unless they are in your friendslist or in the same club and even then they have to invite you and than tell you to join manually. Joining random people is kinda impossible.

I think the dev team is not even aware of this issue because otherwise this should be fixed a long time ago and i see every week people complaining about it especially on monday when its shadow tower day.

I hope its okay to post it here and not in the general bug thread but i thought since your doing a quality of life update this is something that really needs attention