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Thread: Game Incosistency

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    Game Incosistency

    So let's say I'm a player in live that so happens to have already bought GDC or Effigies, you are telling me those are useless to get and ancestral dragon.

    ---> Ancestral Dragon = no Effigy... Okay I can live with that... but no Golden Egg...
    here's why I think it should have.

    --->Disaeon = Ancestral Dragon = Market Free Dragon on first Purchase.
    Azorian = Ancestral Dragon = GDC obtainable. (100 Souls on Drop)
    Lambent = Ancestral Dragon = GDC obtainable. (100 Souls on Drop)
    Trimach = Ancestral Dragon = GDC obtainable. (100 Souls on Drop)
    Syluria = Ancestral Dragon = GDC obtainable. (100 Souls on Drop)
    Khadavros = Ancestral Dragon = GDC obtainable. (100 Souls on Drop)
    Galenor = Ancestral Dragon = GDC obtainable. (100 Souls on Drop)
    Stellaurion = Ancestral Dragon = GDC obtainable. (100 Souls on Drop)
    Valkizer = Ancestral Dragon = Mastery Obtainable.
    Valkartzer = Ancestral Dragon = Mastery Obtainable.
    Indurion = Ancestral Dragon = GDC obtainable. (Golden Dragon Egg)
    Olhukoi = Ancestral Dragon = Shadowy Market (Despoiled Divinity)
    Rhom-10 = Ancestral Dragon = GDC obtainable. (Golden Dragon Egg)
    Hoshizora = Ancestral Dragon = GDC obtainable. (Golden Dragon Egg)
    Cy and Sanguine = Ancestral Dragon = GDC obtainable. (Golden Dragon Egg)
    Yzzuli = Ancestral Dragon = Dragon Fragment Drops from bees.

    Dragons Similar to Yzzuli:
    ---> Rachnaphon = Legendary Dragon = Effigy and Golden Egg Obtainable. (Killing Spiders)
    Almakhestia = Legendary Dragon = Effigy and Golden Egg Obtainable. (Killing ST enemies)
    Miraldis = Legendary Dragon = Effigy and Golden Egg Obtainable. (Killing some enemies in Jurassic Jungle)
    Crisopeia = Legendary Dragon = Effigy and Golden Egg Obtainable. (Killing a certain set of enemies or Shadow Tower Vaults)

    So the pattern here is pretty much almost every ancestral dragon can be obtained through Golden Egg (Souls in some cases) in a out standing 11/16 being 2 of the exceptions mastery rank obtained dragons (understandable) and other 2 that are not understandable in my point of view but in yours Disaeon is...

    So we are looking at pattern breakers such as Yzzuli, Olhukoi, but why though, I mean Olhukoi is can be kinda forgotten in this "pattern review" since there's not much that is like it, we get res and buy fragments with it...while others are through drop rates which I couldn't care less, but then you have Yzzuli, a Dragon which is in the ancestral tab but doesn't own a Golden Egg...but we have seen it before, then it doesn't own an effigy drop chance ofc since it's not considered a legendary, but why isn't it.
    I mean Rachnaphon, Miraldis, Crisopeia and Almakhestia are legendary, they are farmable in a very similar way as Yzzuli (kill certain enemies get fragment drop rates) all of em have Golden Eggs plus Effigy Drop, but still Yzzuli is the odd one in the ancestral tab ending up forcing us to grind a biome, BUT NOT JUST A BIOME it has to be a certain enemy in that biome... making this dragon the dumbest so far...

    Devs: But you can get the Bee Dragon through the Hearty Pack 1.

    Well that's not the point, the point here is gameplay consistence, you opted to make these grindy dragons all legendary and have them with Golden Dragon Eggs but still once again you make the game inconsistent to it's own rules.

    I expect a re-evaluation on this dragon obtainability...

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    The purpose of that is so that players are encouraged to buy the Hearty Party Pack and not an effigy/golden egg (without making it completely inaccessible without paying), due to the donation system they have setup.

    Trion Worlds, Inc. will donate $5,000 for every 700 units sold of Trove Hearty Party Pack 1, up to a maximum amount of US$20,000, to Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals (a tax exempt 501(c)(3) organization located at 205 W 700 S, Salt Lake City, UT 84101 ). Donations will be made for all eligible packs sold worldwide (excluding SC, AL, IL, and MA) between 12:00 AM PDT, August 7, 2018 through 11:59 pm PDT, September 4, 2018. This contribution is not tax deductible.
    It's possible its obtainability will be reconsidered after September 4.

    That aside, there are no particular rules setup in that regard. Even though there are no other grinding-based fragment dragons that are ancestral currently, there is no particular reason there can't be future ones.
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    Didn't say rule as oblugation meaning but woooosh went right past you....the meaning was rule as pattern as something usual.

    It is fun as well that there's a need of shoving it up too, like i can donate without havin to post it, it's trying to hard to let everyone know "Oh btw we are nice, we donate", instead of actually doing it and then devs eat more money than they actually invest (noticeable on how stable game and servers) donating 20k wouldn't be much of problem without having to create a new pack just to suck in even more.

    Anyways, my problem isn't the pack but the game consitency that changes as it is convinient to devs pockets

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    You should be happy that its even grindable at all, all the previous extra life dragons had a massive gap between them being released in the pack and then being available to everyone.
    This is actually taking away from takers that might think about buying the packs, but see that the dragon can be gotten outside of it and thus wont support charity, so honestly it even being grindable is a bad move in general, but i guess Trion cares enough about free players to allow you getting it anyway.
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