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Thread: Dark Chaos Vault Drop rate Suggestion

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    Dark Chaos Vault Drop rate Suggestion

    Based on the Trove Wikia…. Light chaos vaults drop more resources per crate than dark chaos vaults do. I suggest that because Dark Chaos Vaults are now just as rare (which I appreciate due to gem swapping of the top few people) that you bring the drops of resources such as enchanted wood, wild cupcakes ect up to the same level as light chaos vaults.

    Dark Chaos Vaults:

    Light Chaos Vaults:
    Edit: Yep Dark Vaults have been updated... Still wish the drop rates of the resources for both light and dark were higher though.
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    Both should give more resources, you spend a lot of resources to craft the vaults to potentially get 450 glim or 750 flux...

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    If you're going purely based off Trove Wikia, I recommend you ignore the wikia in this particular situation. Light Chaos Vaults were originally listed to have the same drops as Dark Chaos Vaults currently are, but they were changed some time ago without being noticed since both types were so rare. Once Light Chaos Vaults were made craftable in large quantities, confirming and correcting their drop tables became much easier, while Dark Chaos Vaults couldn't be checked until now.

    It's probably safe to assume they already have the same drop tables.

    Edit: Yep. Wiki has been updated.
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