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Thread: What is considered a “Top of the Top” player?

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    What is considered a “Top of the Top” player?

    Here is a question from Friday’s stream that Shiroki has written up.

    (With U10 announced, is there any plans for making changes to allow newer players to catch up in PR rank faster?
    Yes, there will be some light catch up mechanics. Combat on the surface is currently planned to start around u8, not just u10. Were still working on it so it's not just u10 for the top of the top.)

    With that being said, What are these light catch up mechanics they speak of?
    Many have worked very hard to attain their higher PR and making it easier to get is fine if it helps
    Everyone from 100 PR rank players to 26k + Players.

    The phrase “Catch Up mechanic” leads me to believe that won’t be the case since 20k to 26k players don’t really need to “Catch Up”.

    Was Geode being released a way to create a buffer for new or less grind friendly players
    To get closer to the end game without being surpassed more by releasing gear and gem upgraded upgrades for end game players?

    We need to ask what is considered trove “End game material” and when will 20k + players be given challenges that are both rewarding for time invested and allow us to have a clear view of something to beable to accomplish.

    I really feel Trove “End Game” at the moment for 20k - 26k PR players is waiting to Purchase Packs and dragons from the store to get more PR which right now does very little considering that a group of 20k PR players can abolish Ultra DOTM in record times.

    Getting people more in line with the Meta is fine but please don’t forget about your higher tier players in the process.

    Sorry for the rant <3

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    Well that depends on you I think.
    There is a large group of people who think they are end game and I think they are wrong.
    I think I'm end game and I know there is a group who think I'm not.

    That's what I like about trove. The open world choose your own path part of it.
    Is PR end game? Mastery?Dragon collecting? Etc.

    I have no issue with people getting fast tracked to level 30 when level 40 comes out for 1 charachter.
    Then the reality is they need to farm up a few weeks of gem dust and level any gems to get PR high enough to enter U10.

    But the other 14 toons they need to grind 50,000 dungeons like the rest of us did.

    Content for end game... Rework purple name. ST that gives bonuses for each different class not one that punishes you for have the same x3... Why does it stop debuffing at all...
    I'm tired of the meta..

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    End game to me has always been when I am done with the game and walk away, which is why I never much cared for it.

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    Top of the Top highest Mastery / highest GS SR Group

    why should new Players catch up faster? The other Players had no help too . They played 300 or 400 Days for 26k+ . So why should they help new Players now? Work for it like they did .

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