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Thread: Ice Sage Rework is underwhelming.

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    The change is a bit disappointing to be very honest. I'm suggesting a significant different use between M1 and M2 aka Basic Attack and Ice Crash.
    I was expecting an update for The Big Chill turning into a Freezing Field that rains down ice crashes nearby ice sage with an increased amount of time with the current system of The Big Chill, taking damage during the freeze and ticks.

    Therefore bringing back the Frozen Ward to N1 instead of N2, making the shield reduce 75% incoming damage taken for 8 seconds, increasing attack speed by 20% and movement speed by 20, with a cooldown of 15 seconds,
    Ice Crash slowing enemies, increased damage, third Ice Crash having bigger radius, higher damage and freezes enemies for 1 second (Instead of basic attack),
    Basic Attack having longer range than before, coefficient of 2.0 (like the rework),
    Pain Freeze makes enemies who attack the Ice Sage with the Frozen Ward activated gets slowed and applied by a debuff of 5% extra damage taken to the attacker, lasting 4 seconds.
    Passive making ice sage not slip while walking on ice, works like before, and makes Ice Crash turn lava into water then water into ice.

    Never say players don't give out suggestions or ideas, I'm disagreeing against the current rework and I have put efforts on giving suggestions for a better system to the class. <3
    IGN: Hal_

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    I completely agree with you, right now this rework removes the tankiness of the Ice Sage without making her a good DPS :/
    Frozen ward really doesn't last long enough (6 seconds for a 50 seconds cooldown '-'), ice crash is basically useless and overall damage is bad.
    I also miss the big freeze buffing the damage of other persons playing with you.

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    Agree, I have mained Ice Sage for 1900 hours (!!!) and I am extremely disappointed, this is more of a nerf than a buff when IS needs a DPS buff very badly. also auto attack please coz my right hand dies.

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