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Thread: Dark Chaos Vault Crafting Recipe, Superior Focuses & Diamond Dragonite Shortage

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    Receiving DCV doesn't mean crap. Gem swappers have ruined this for over a year. I broke top 10 in my class over a year ago, i only on the last rotation was able to maintain my spot from all the gem swappers.

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    Only real way to combat gem swappers is to have the gems locked to that character. Once you try and remove it and put it on a different character it would say" Cannot be used for current character"

    Only good thing about this is that now don't need to max out everything and become P2W just to even get into the top 25.

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    It's way too late to fix the TOP PR leaderboard. Like Tulia said, it should be fixed a years ago. Right now multiple players have a few classes with maxed PR. and still they're getting more and more PR on them. With lastest Lorekeeper Dragon Egg Fragments in Luxion, the players got even more BBrilliance, to upgrade the classes.

    Still growing problems are mastery points locked behind the Store packs. As we know, many Store packs gives hundreds of mastery points and not all are buyable with credits.
    Mastery Points = Mastery Level = PR.
    For a F2P players getting in TOP25 PR leaderboard contests for classes like Gunslinger / Pirate Captain is completly not possible. It's not because so many players use them, it's becasuse there is too many mastery levels locked behind the Paywall.

    If the PR leaderboard is going to be fixed in next few months or a year. The class PR included in it should be without PR that player receives for mastery levels.

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    I can fully unerstand why the #1 Gem swapper is complaining here <3

    Trion made a good step into making those unobtainable content which is locked behind top 25 beeing finally archieveable. But even though the rewards are obtainable with this change, it does not fix the initial issue of f2p players not having any chance for the top 25 race in class contests.

    Trion *did* say that they will take care of class contests anyhow eventually. Let us just hope that making class contest's loot accessible is not the only thing they do here.

    Side note:

    Saying this, I finished this week's Fae contest on rank 67 while intensively caring about Fae class and playing it more than anything in Trove. I once was in Top 8 rank, but I never maintained top 25 during the class contest week for Fae.

    Trion really needs to finally add a system that rewards actually playing a class to qualify for the ranking. There have been made so many good suggestions about it already....

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