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    1 pretty easy thing to fix before go live with this update.

    I thought one of the Quality of Life updates that was supposed to happen in this one was making the map easier to use when surrounded by players... putting your personal arrow at the top and making it a color that doesn't blend in when everyone is standing the same place. I'm surprised to not see it on the PTS... Can we please make sure this is done before the update goes live?

    Thank you very much... and thank you for taking my other previous suggestions of making Favorites default and making it easier to sell things.

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    Agree. That is my current biggest issue with the world map.
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    This has been requested in every update and got zero respond.

    We need to see where we are!

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    Hey folks! I'm happy to inform you that this was actually changed in the update last night. Feel free to check it out on PTS right now!

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    Thank you

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