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    Trion Worlds Layoffs

    I was just reading an article saying Trion Worlds laid off 15 people and one was in QA or CS.
    How will this affect trove and other games?

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    Hey guys!

    We don't normally comment on personnel matters, but I'll just hop in here to offer a response before closing the thread.

    While we hate to lose anyone, this was a very small layoff and will not affect any of our games moving forward. Play on!


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    Also, just to have it covered, we have a message from our CEO, Scott Hartsman about this as well.

    “We’ve had to make the difficult decision to eliminate 15 positions throughout the company. We are extremely grateful for those who have been impacted for their hard work and contributions to Trion Worlds, and will be offering each of them severance benefits and job placement assistance. This is not related to the performance of the individuals affected nor of Trion Worlds as a whole, but was necessary to enable us to develop the upcoming projects that we have planned in the best ways possible.”

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