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Thread: Legendary Tome - Day drop BUG

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    Legendary Tome - Day drop BUG

    Just looked at ways to increase my mastery in geode to gain from current MR 34 to Geode mastery 35 geode and gain the 2x mastery reliquary's. without spending metamatter or crystals and found Legendary tome day drop can be bought off the marketplace, so I bought it, got an instant PING type noise showing something but got no increase to either mastery and right hand side of screen gave no log of achievement.

    Then found the tome was NOT selectable in my tomes

    Logged out of game and closed Glyph launcher. Relaunched game and went in Got a CLAIM icon lite up and it said 100 flux see what you can learn from books, then nothing still have no day drop legendary tome.

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    Is it in your inventory?
    Howdy folks, my PSN is Oddbaum21, the jolly good owner of Darkfire, that apparently has a "fascination" with caps lock. Its not a fascination, more of an obsession. So yeah, if you want an inv to Darkfire, just PSN message me.

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