There are many decent clubs out there, but few has an age limit, not to mention a background limit. I'd like to create a club for adults only. Ideally, I expect the club members to have a similar worldview that is deep enough not to cause any major conflicts within us each other, and that brings fun and learning at the same time.

This post is just a survey to see how many meet and agree with the following requirements. Leave a comment if you want to join such a club.

Member requirement:
a) Member has to be 22+;
b) Member has to know more than one language;
c) Member has to have a STEM degree or similar background;
d) Member has to have no major concern financially, and doesn't play this game to make a living;
e) Member can't judge others based on any religion belief, political correctness, citizenship, or any such thing. Ideally, there is no need for any club officers.