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    Dev Question Thread - July 20, 2018

    Hey folks!

    We're answering your questions, and doing lots of giveaways this week. Twitch Drops will return eventually (not Friday), but will not be available most weeks.

    We'd hoped to do a PS4 stream this week but are still testing some things out to see if that's possible. It may need to wait for a future stream.


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    Any new sinks for cubits? The only ones we have right now are dragon coins and gem boxes. After a while you have so many of those that you just stack cubits...

    Some mounts on the adventure crafting table are not showing if you have or not collected them, could you address that on a near hot fix please?

    Are the 3k credit skin packs ever coming back?

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    Could you make lodestars on golden/silver companion eggs prevent duplicates, please? For silver, it would have to remove the ability to get a rare but also prevent a duplicate. This would make golden and silver eggs that you do manage to find much less anxiety-inducing to open as there would be a way to prevent duplicates

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    When will you get around to doing a balance pass on modules? alot of the PTS feedback me and a couple of other players gave on them while they were being tested seemed to have gone overhead of the people that needed to hear it.

    Could you please buff lesser crystal cache common and uncommon drops? 2-5 crystals for the amount of resources a critter treat costs and the effort it takes to get the caches is not fun.
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    1. What's the plan for the Ice Sage rework? Do you plan to make it more of a hard hitting aoe damage class or are you leaning more towards a tank with utility and crowd control?

    2. Is the Shadow Self aura supposed to be floating above your head or is that a bug? I'm just curious cause I find it weird since the other stellar fire aura is inside the player's head.

    3. Will the Lunar Lancer's hook shot be updated to the hook shot used in the caves and bomber royale?
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    Two questions came up in my mind:
    • Now that fist weapons are a thing, could you please add an appropriate style of them to the unlockable "arsenals"? (I'm mainly thinking of the dragon ascension and mastery ones.)
    • Assuming there'll be more world boss-like enemies in-game, would you consider doing another round of "Create a Trove boss, like a boss" contest? It'd be great to shake up the creativity throughout the forums.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Purple name, will we see a new way this is achieved in u10?
    It needs to be removed from the game in u10 or updated to include all classes.
    I feel its a fake title that tricks people into thinking these purples are the best in game.. they are the best of 1 of 15 classes...

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    coin challenges are no longer a challenge, you gave us an extra 15 secs when they were easy enough. some challenges im getting double of what the tier 4 reward requires. please increase the coins needed, reduce time, or make more tiers so we can get more rewards, or at least let 1st place get something extra

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    What are your guys' thoughts on mods that give an unfair advantage (i.e. allowing players to see blast radius of Spike Bomb before exploding). We have Quality of life mods but when does it go too far, going against the Terms of Service?
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    1) Any plans to add a Bomber Royale themed costumes for all classes?

    2) Will you add a Bootmobile mount?

    3) How big will be the Quality of Life update in August?

    4) Can you please remove Health Regeneration from all Permanent Stat Boosts that dragons gives? Health Regen is useless. You can exchange it with some Movement Speed and Mount Movement Speed.


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