1 year free patron
100 or 1000 of bb or millions in flux if lore frags sold
100k of gem dust from boons
1000s if not 100 of 1000s free credits
100s of credit pouches
Dozens of Dragonite pouches
Tradable lunar souls
Tradable dragon coins
Lastly unlimited gas
Pretty sure I've missed some items, but these are all things people got for basically free.

Have nots
Forced to complete on the leader board or for space in meta group's with the haves.

Basically if you were in school or worked all these things were fixed by the time you got home.

I don't know if there is a solution to getting people on par but I do know a p2w game should never have 1 of these errors, let alone a dozen things that force the have nots to spend money to catch up.