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Thread: Golden Ticket box 2018 Suggestions

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    Lightbulb Golden Ticket box 2018 Suggestions

    Like the title suggests(lol) , changing some, or at least 1 drop in specific ,the Dormant Golden Vale dragon egg fragment does not seem to belong here in the drop table, its easily farmed (30 min- 1 hour tops).
    My suggestion is to remove said fragments from the boxes completely and add: 1 Dormant Tempest Dragon egg fragment or 1 Blocktron Dragon Egg Fragment in the Rare tier of the boxes.
    Maybe adding different Talismans like rat, llama , centaur or griffon.

    The inclusion of the ticket boxes droping from the pinata invaders is already a cool thing, the dragon fragments are kinda lack luster.
    Any other suggestion or critisim is welcome

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    100% agree with you. Take a look at my thread that I started a few days ago about this topic.
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