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    Post Trove Livestream Notes 13/07/2018

    Welcome to the latest live stream notes thread!

    Tonight the team played a bit of bomber royale via PC instead of the playstation 4 as PSN was having some issues. Safe to say the developer trophy value for dopesheet went down a slight bit

    Bomber Royale changes:
    Kill credit:
    Right now you have to kill someone with the bomb to get the kill credit.
    Were going to make it a bit more flexible. If someone falls/dies in lava and youve hit them recently, youll get the kill credit if its in a reasonable time.

    Exp gain rebalance:
    Players are going to be getting experience for kills and dealing damage which will be added to the leaderboard. Balanced more towards damage and kills than surviving by hiding in a corner.

    Spectator mode:
    Community requested a spectator cam to watch/toggle between people left in the match. Its planned to be added as an option.

    Trophy achievement for level 50 in PVP:
    We are looking to allow bomber royale to count towards gaining this.
    We want to keep it difficult to get though.

    Questions and Answers Session:

    Why do silver and gold eggs drop on the ground like loot when touched?
    Thank you for calling it out, this brought to light what the issue was and we have fixed it in a hotfix last night.

    Any plans to chance how we get lesser crystal caches from helping critters?
    Yes, we will be changing that in 2 different ways. Were going to lower the ticks needed to fill the bar as well as giving the reward much faster so that way you arent too far away when the rewards are being given so as not to be missed.

    Will Luxion be coming out along with his line of dragon soul unlocks any time soon?
    If youre asking if there will be a Luxion mount eventually, *big shrug*

    What about shadow labyrinth project you announced months ago, are you still working on it or is it abandoned?

    It's not been abandoned for forgotten, right now though were more focused on u10 so there's no immediate progress towards it, but its not forgotten.

    Will u10 involve using geode modules, please let us know so we have time to work on them?
    Combat in U10 will not use the geode cave exploration modules.

    Will you have more bomb types with cool vfx, confetti bombs for example?
    Not on the radar but its pretty sweet,good idea.

    Will the Quality of Life update coming out soon finally remove other players names overlapping your character marker on the map?

    Can we get an answer for the retroactive club exp, its been 2 weeks.

    the exp did not award as we expected and were looking into ways how we can resolve but not sure how right now. We are aware of it and apologise.

    I know you said that metamatter was on the low end of acceptable but can we please get a new source of the adventure reliquaries(the 2 hour, guaranteed metamatter ones)?
    No, not at the moment, its actually the intended thing that its easier via the golden thread to get some advancements but to slow down later.

    Any plans for bound brilliance?
    We are putting it in as a reward on the PR leaderboards for 5k+ so its not just reserved for the top.Were also including a 4th pr leaderboard for vanguardian to be included.

    Will you increase the chance to find silver and gold eggs?
    No plans to increase the drop rate on those.

    Will there be a recipe for crafting silver/gold companion eggs?
    No plans for it right now, It is important to note that uncommon and rare do drop from the bronze ones, we are closely monitoring the data but we are fairly happy with it right now.

    Any chance you will consider changing saturdays daily bonus as currently the lvl 50 pvp trophy is unobtainable?

    Answer as above.

    When can we expect a rebalance of crafting benches, drop chance of certain chest materials or the drop amounts in geode?
    Continuing to monitor data and feedback, nothing that requires an urgent change but any changes made you may see around the same time as the u10 update.

    What is the quality of life update?
    Its called the Improvement update, should be early august, it will bring a bunch of improvements and optimisations including many the communtiy discussed.

    Wheres Urmhalit the unforgiving?
    No promises on a date for him yet, we just did some more work on getting him active.

    Will there ever be boat/sea related updates like enemy ships?

    No current plans, main focus is u10 combat on the surface of goede and the rest of the geode arc and conclusion.

    Can you look into allowing us to invite to geode caves?
    We'll look into it, there are reasons that we have to be careful about like exploits where people could invite players further down in the caves than they should etc.

    Why are golden vale fragments in the golden ticket chests?
    Sorry, dont have an answer for this.

    Will you add more story to the game?
    Yes,w e added mores story with geode, not super basic, it started with the event of making the ship and going through the golden thread learning about geode. The planet has an arc to it, what youre fighting against and why they are there. The final part is the resolution of solving the conflict.

    Will there ever be a better gear rank than stellar?

    I would think that is a pretty good thing to assume, probably.

    Can we explore the rest of the geode planet?

    Yep, once u10 is out, you'll be able to go out and fight on the surface.

    Will more bomber royale maps be added?

    yes were evaluating some right now, they are in early progress right now.

    Will the new new gem work with our current gems, will it be a earth gem?
    Not ready to talk about it yet but there will be a new gem type?

    Will you look at added back sun and moon auras?
    Yes, we will look into that. Not sure on what were doing with that right now.

    Any plans on integrating battle factor reward system into bomber royale?
    No plans for that but its a good question, will look into that.

    Will the Gourdzilla pack return back for halloween?
    Yes it will return for the shadows eve event.
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    Not all heroes wear capes, Shirokiri (unless you are wearing a cape, in which case, you cape it up). Thanks again!

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    Thank you Shirokiri, I missed the last developer livestream

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    Thanks for the recap, Shirokiri.

    Now, on the the actual stream. I'm glad they answered some of the more important questions this time. It's awesome that they've finally addressed the way critters give rewards, the exp thing, the issue of bound brilliance, and have even given an approximate release time for the Improvement Update.

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    I’m stunned. Looks like they actually answered a bunch of questions. Thanks for the summary and glad some questions were answered.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fruitie View Post
    omg that was amazing. So glad I watched that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shirokiri View Post
    Any plans for bound brilliance?
    We are putting it in as a reward on the PR leaderboards for 5k+ so its not just reserved for the top.Were also including a 4th pr leaderboard for vanguardian to be included.
    So instead of 5 a week we are getting 5 + a few extra and losing 6 empowered gem boxes. That's not a good solution. The dayspring was good as it was...

    There's so much broken stuff in this game and you guys try to fix one that is not

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    Quote Originally Posted by fruitie View Post
    That one cracked me up. Thank you.
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    Thanx Shirokiri for the notes!

    So it seems we have to wait till U10 comes out to be able to seriously start adding large Geode themed buildings in clubs and cornerstones.

    It is good to see a light coming.

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