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Thread: Shadow tower feedback

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    Thumbs up Shadow tower feedback

    I came back to Trove after some time and I think that having to unlock the shadow tower chest to get weekly rewards is not a good way to do it.

    My PR is not high enough to fight in ultra ST (I mean, I can enter all but other players will simply kick me) so I usually just farm in the hardest worlds. But there I get eclipse key fragment.

    So basically I have to play in the low-level world to get moon key fragment and be able to at least get the hard ST rewards

    If I am being honest, it is very annoying and does not encourage me (and my friend who does not want to play because of that) to continue playing.

    Recommended solutions:
    • Getting much higher moon key fragment drop rate (5x as much or so) if your character is above 10K PR (similar can be done with shadow key fragment
    • Rollback and just make the weekly drops claimable just by defeating the floor boss
    • Create a new crafting recipe for keys. 1 eclipse = 5 moon keys, 10 moon keys = 1 eclipse (or something like that)

    I really like the game but I do have some problems with it. I think neither of my solutions would be hard to implement. Please, consider these recommendations.

    I am not sure how many players are upset by this, I am not sure if I am alone with my friend who dislikes this, but please, do something

    Have a very nice day.

    - Larax22
    long time player

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    You can use eclipse keys in hard mode so no need to farm lower ubers.

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    oh, you can? Good to know. But I think the crafting might be nice too

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    theres a few things you can do actually. 1. buy patron this increases key frags and can be bought for cash or flux. 2. join a club with fixture that grants extra key frags and of course 3. join a club that does carrys..the club im in (ps4) only 3 of us carry the rest though ults and many clubs do the same jus some may use more high pr people and carry less per run.

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