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Thread: Please fix your game!

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    Angry Please fix your game!

    Hi, I really like trove BUT this game crash to much, A LOT, LIKE OMG A REALLY REALLY LOT, and this is really pissing me off
    Every new patch you guys release It's a disapointement, The only thing I want to find in the patch note is "It's not going to crash anymore"! Sometimes crashs after some minutes

    Look at this video, come on guys, do something!!!
    Ok now another thing, FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY, take It off that 10 frags from karma PLEASE, let people get as normal opening but not on Karma, it's stupid, I got 70 box and in this 70 boxes I got 5 times "luck" 10 fragments and in the same karma more 10 frags... What the hell, really?!?!?! And after that I got a crash... Please trion, I'm supporting your game so please respect your players... Stop creating packs and focus on fixing this game!
    Sry for my broken english! (And fix spinner drop, it's horrible)

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    Pc has a long thread about how disappointing these ticket rewards are and they removed the one good reward this year.

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