• Changed the rarity of all Gold and Silver Companion Eggs to Common
    • This will NOT change the following:
      • Drop rate
      • Chance to drop a given companion
      • Decon value in crystals
      • Whether they're locked in the forever friend home finder

IMPORTANT: As we are not bringing Trove servers offline for this hotfix there will be caves prior to this update with the previous issue. Any new caves created after the hotfix will have the new setup. Caves don't stay active very long so it shouldn't be too long of a wait, but you may want to teleport out and hop into a newly created cave.

Context for this change
Before this hotfix, when players ran over Silver/Gold Companion Eggs in the Geode caves they were not automatically looted to their inventory. Instead, they had to be manually picked up. This was not intended behavior. By making all eggs of the Common rarity it will allow all eggs to be automatically collected to your inventory.

We are working on a long-term fix for the underlying issue so we can again have different rarities visible on the eggs while still allowing them to auto-loot.