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Thread: Thumper bugs

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    Thumper bugs

    in short of it

    jelly jellot or whatever name of that companion is the one that looks like fish with transparet body and fishbone inside of it which should gives you reduction on cooldown for thumper

    actually works but not as intended

    while the icon of thumper is cooling down faster than it should normalny
    it still wont let you use thumper again untill after same amount of time as in without jelly jelot and his cooldown

    btw i got that companion at max level before someone care to tell me i need to level it up 1st for bonus to take effect

    2nd thing is thumper and its everyone in range gets bonus mining speed or whatever

    first mining speed bonus was 15%
    second was 30%

    not to mention its missleading since now idk if i have 30% or 45% in total of bonus mining speed while thumper is active and im in its range

    problem is i mine on every tier (where i can go to all 5 of them) with same speed with or without thumper active and while im and ore are in thumpers range

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    My issue seems to be resolved

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