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The reason they won't fix things is you guys keep paying them to keep it all the same.
I'll just Ignore that this response is written in the comments of a thread announcing downtime to fix a variety of issues. Anywhoozle, if you're upset with bugs be sure to check our bug reports forums to confirm the bug has been reported there. Not all bugs can be easily replicated and resolved so some take longer than others. There has never been an online game in the history of planet earth that has never had bugs.Bugs are a part of software development. We can't prevent bugs from ever getting through regardless of how many QA team members we have. What we can do is make note of issues reported by players, gather as much info as we can so we can replicate the issue internally, then get to work on finding the cause and resolving it. All of these things take time. Literally 0% of this will change based on how many, or how few, people pay for Patron status.
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