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    Quote Originally Posted by Ghia View Post
    We all know that's not the case here...
    And if 2nd stat reroll is added for week 2 of the event, it should also continue for another week AFTER the event ends. Maybe it's time Trion owns up to it's "silly little mistakes"...
    You know, treadable or not, first or second week, who would notice?
    I guess we won't be getting it this week though as it's almost the middle of it, so... (or it will start today after the hotfix, who knows)

    I may be overly sarcastic, but come on - such mistakes (at least i see it this way) are happening more often now, and they could be avoided, but it looks like the quality is slowly going down :/

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    Fasti, any word on this? The natives are getting restless!

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    Hey folks,

    Sorry about the wait! The second stat reroll event was slated to start this week. Some changes were made that moved things back a bit. I'm updating the original blog and can confirm the event starts on Tuesday, July 17th. I've also added this as a Message of the Day for all platforms to help spread the word.

    Thanks, everyone!

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