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    Geode Hotfix 2 - 8AM PDT (3PM UTC) - July 12

    Hey folks,

    We're bringing Trove offline on Thursday, July 12 at 8AM PDT (3PM UTC) for a patch. This fixes some important issues so please check the patch notes here.

    Downtime may be up to 3 hours but we'll bring each platform back online as it finishes.


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    Where is the fix distance for getting a reward for helping NPC (Geode > Caves)?
    Why are we waiting for such an important fix for so long (NPC)?
    Why make corrections for PVP, if so after two games my computer is ready for self-ignition?

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    3 hours for this
    Additional Updates
    The Sunfest Golden Thread for Bomber Royale will now count upgraded Rubber Bombs.
    (Xbox and PS4 only) Stacked items can once again freely transfer to and from personal chests.
    The +50% Adventurine Potion recipe has been returned to Luminopolis Outposts.
    Boost Blocks in Bomber Royale can now be destroyed with bombs.
    The Bomb Jump powerup for Bomber Royale now displays the correct icon.
    Fixed an issue where the Bomber Royale game over window sometimes wouldn't display the winner dancing.
    Added a Compass to the Geode Caves so you can tell which paths other players before you took.
    Fixed an issue where players could not gain Lustrous Gem Boxes on a day they turned on Patron.
    Updated the 'Defeat a Shadow Titan' Adventure.
    The Firewalking passive for the Dracolyte should now also apply to the Habanero and Lava Seas.
    Crystal Pinatas are now better stuffed with weaponry cosmetics. Weapon styles are now more common to drop.
    Moonlit Moss will once again grow in T4 of the Verdant Veins.


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    because trion doesn't listen to their player base

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    How about a Patron update for Bomber Royale? the "+100% Battle Factor for twice as many weekly battle boxes" and the "
    +2x Battle Box Drop Rate" never worked during the previous PvP mode. It should be changed to reflect the current PvP Bomber Royale or at the least give us Patrons other bonuses and remove the now defunct ones.
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    they need make something about patron in geode caves ;d

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    It is not about the mass within a update which needs to be applied, but about the server maintenance at all. Imagine it like this:

    * Communicate with Server hosts "worldwide"

    * Shutting down all servers worldwide
    * Copying new files to all servers within a few minutes
    * Cluster-servers aknowledged?
    * Restarting servers in a "closed" state again
    * Check if everything works
    * No?
    * Yes?
    * Shutting down all servers worldwide
    * Starting Servers
    * Re-check if everything works
    * Opening all servers to the world again
    * Have fun


    * Authentification Servers
    * Database Servers
    * FTP Servers
    * Game Servers
    * Cluster Servers
    * Linked stuff to everything
    * AI works?

    Well, this simple stuff takes its time. Let's say 2 hours which is fast already. 3 hours is ok by eliminating any anomalies etc. And you need to know, without planning this won't work at all.

    A private Server will do all this within 2 minutes, no questioning, but we talk about a reliable and worldwide played game where real money is used and included.



    !!! OUTDATED !!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Falido View Post
    they need make something about patron in geode caves ;d

    no, geode does not need to be easier, lol.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RandomMan View Post
    no, geode does not need to be easier, lol.
    i know but they will get more money if they add bonus for patron in geode xdd

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    :eye roll: like you guys aren't going to shell out for patron even if it doesn't touch geode or pvp. The reason they won't fix things is you guys keep paying them to keep it all the same.

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