Residents of Trove and Geode alike will join together to celebrate the luminescent power of the Sun Goddess during our first ever interplanetary Sunfest!

8 new adventures will take you on a journey across Trove and beyond! Thatís right, youíll be able to complete several of the celebratory adventures on either Trove or Geode. Complete them all and earn your very own Golden Vale Dragon Pup ally.

Greater Dragon Cache
Did someone say dragons? Save 50% on Greater Dragon Caches all this week! Youíll definitely want to load up because Luxion returns to the Trove Hub from July 14 until July 17.

In honor of Sunfest, Pinates the Purveyor is also back in the Trove Hub to sell his wares! If you donít already have them you can pick up the Pinatataur, Hyped-Up Pinata mount, or a Dormant Worldspring Dragon Egg. He happily accepts Pinata Coins whether earned this year or during previous Sunfests.

Shadow Pinata Invaders* can be found in all Trove biomes during the event. They have a chance to drop Party Animal pinatas, Pinata Coins, and the new Golden Ticket Chest 2018. This yearís Golden Ticket Chests rarely contain Dormant Golden Vale Dragon Egg Fragments, a Silver Companion Egg for use on Geode, and very rarely the Hyper Pinata Ex mount or a Golden Companion Egg.

Plus, throughout the two week-long celebration youíll get daily login rewards and a free Golden Ticket Chest every day you login!

The cherry on top of this sumptuous solar sundae is the return of the Second Stat Reroll event. Forge your epic loot to find the perfect stats for all your adventuring needs.

*The Shadow Pinata Invaders do not appear as actual invasions this year and are only in the open world population of Trove biomes.