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Thread: Is that a bug ?

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    Is that a bug ?

    Hi Trion, I just wanted to know if it's that i'm very not lucky or the game is broke. You know, the new chests that you added ? The lesser crystals caches and the goldent tickect 2018 ? I openned over 1000 lesser crystal caches and I got no pins, my friend opennez only 50 and he got 10 pins. Golden ticket, all the time I see that ppl in my clubs win the pin mount and the golden companion egg. I ask them how much chest they openned and som1 told me that he openned only 5. I OPENNED OVER 500 AND ONLY GOT VALE FRAGMENTS AND YOU KNOW WHAT ? I ALREADY HAVE THIS DRAGON. UPGRADE THE % OF CHANCE TO GET PIN MOUNT AND GOLDEN EGG IN THOSE CHESTS. Same thing with the lesser caches. I'm playing this game until 2017 on ps4. The only luck that I had was when som1 putted a golden starfire egg to 1 Million and it was yesterday. Please repare the game. Thank you, GoDz_RizZisT from Ps4

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    The pins are broken imo either nerfed or jus not dropping as intended as for mount/egg its working as intended theyre drops are pre much equivilent to diamond drag egg...i agree it should be increased a bit but as of rn it is working as intended after all we have 2 weeks to farm

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