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It appears there are a few issues with this years Sunfest event.On the claims window it specifically states the chests carry "1-year Patron" and much more!But when the box is actually in your bags, it mentions nothing about patron. So it is safe to assume there is NO patron in the boxes?
Thanks for putting this thread together. You're correct that the boxes do not contain 1 Year of Patron. It appears text from the last visit of this event made it live. Fortunately, the correct items are listed on the Golden Ticket Chests. We can't fix this error during the event but we'll follow up to make sure it's clearly called out for next year.
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Also there have been reports that the golden companion egg that is obtained from the 2018 box is indeed not tradable.On the official Trove post titled "Celebrate the Return Of Sunfest" it says they should be tradable.
You're 100% right here as well. This mistake was completely mine. I've updated the blog to remove that the item was tradable and noted this at the bottom. Fortunately, this error was not also reflected in game. I'll do my best to avoid these types of mistakes in the future. Sorry for the confusion caused by these errors.
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