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Thread: So... no new Sunfest mounts or items.

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    They advertise the golden companion egg as tradeable and lo and behold I have one and it's untradeable. Not only that, I saw a golden egg in geode but as soon as i walk over it, it disappears without entering my inventory. They release an 18500 credit pack with junk, numerous issues, some of which have been in for years, candoria wont load chunks before I can move there depending on time of day, out of all of the rare results they decide to give us one of the easiest fragments to get, geode stuff is overpriced to hell and pack, the BR quest won't complete if you collect a big bomb upgrade, old players have so much stuff they have no use for out of this event, particularly with excess pin coins, we're constantly fobbed off. Sometimes I wonder if they're intentionally taking the piss and also how the game not only has a semi stable playerbase, but also maintains a "mostly positive" rating on steam.

    Also the only reason the gold eggs have value is because of the gating behind them, Rare allies are far superior, yet much more accessible. It highlights 2015 trove vs 2018 trove. It's also shocking that for 7500 credits they gave a dragon effigy which I found already overpriced, but for geode, all they can offer is a silver egg. I haven't been more disappointed in a game more than trove. Especially when they've treated memory leaks casually. Grind is not a substitute for content, especially when the content is lacking in the first place. If I want something grindy, there are games that do it in a way that at least feels more rewarding.

    P.S. I decided to test the 4k reliqs without lodestars, 6 times so far (well 1 time I did use a lodestar but it bugged a lesser reward) and every time it was only 120-135 ancient gears. I don't know how they can even consider that as an adequate reward. They're definitely an item you need, but 135 for 4k crystals is such a bad deal, it's insane.
    Edit: once more for 40 wall flowers

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    I agree with you 100%. I did the 4,000 crystal reliquary and used Lode Star and got 4 metamatter. That was it, no other resource and barely any metamatter for 4,000 crystals and a lodestar. The game has just gotten ridiculous with their resource costs and the lack of feeling rewarded for doing anything.

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    How can we not complain about this event? Like, seriously...

    Hours over hours farming those boxes only to get fragments of one the easiest dragons to farm and its worth nothing... so frustating

    No new itens at all for a whole bunch of pinata coins that is just useless for everyone who played the last event.

    And why should the Hyper Pinata EX be so rare after all? It gives no mastery whatsoever, its just a promo mount that i might never get this way, even if i farm countless hours, why not just let the gold companion egg to be this super rare, and make the hyper pinata ex a lot more easy to drop? Maybe even tradeable? Why not? We even got a simillar pinata for login days that does the same as this one but on a different collor, its not special at all.

    And please get rid of the golden vale fragments from the boxes, anyone can farm those fragments with ease, and the quest line already gives 25 of them.

    Come on, devs, do something about it, don't just read and ignore.
    IGN: Etherbl || /joinworld Etherion Temple

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    Quote Originally Posted by Etherbl View Post
    Come on, devs, do something about it, don't just read and ignore.

    Assuming it's being read at all

    The useless coins that invaders drop and the insane amount of pinatas, I simply ignore or loot collect the pinatas because throwing them takes so much time and gives nothing useful

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    What a waste, I was excited about Sunfest and the “New Stuff” only to have more horrible RNG shoved down my throat.

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    Worst anniversary ever
    Poor ally reward of sunfest
    not just no new stuffs added in the pinata coin mechant, also cutted off 1 year patron from the ticket chest
    Seems devs are bored to design event and focused on money, thus, they roll out a mega-trash jam pack!

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    I just feel dissapointed... We can farm the Ticket chests and tha't nice, but what's the point? There are no very rare (like 1-Year Patron coin) rewards players would actually like, there are fragments of the dragons (which is just sooooo easy to farm), no new mounts or use for pinata coins (which makes them useless for people who participated in the provious Sunfests. Only good for those, who don't have the mounts and/or dragon).

    Tbh, the worst "celebration" event so far, no contribution from the dev team whatsoever.

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    Dear Andrew,

    Please come back!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mandros View Post
    Dear Andrew,

    Please come back!
    pure savagery friendo!

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    It is kinda sad how the most reasonable to obtain dragon in a long time and that's the one they reward us with frags for, and not one of the more arbitrarily pain in the rear ones.

    anecdote: untradable, non shadow, style surprises. How out of their way were they going to make the golden ticket chest rewards disappointing?

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